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                         Circus Skills                                                                                                        
Circus skills cross cultural barriers, no matter what the age sex or nationally it is an amazing  opportunity for anyone willing to participate to discover a creative side within that is waiting to be let out.
Circus skills will work in a great variety of settings and locations, steam rallies, sports centers, holiday parks, gardens and fun days are just a few of the locations that I have worked since I started the workshops. 
All the equipment with good clear tuition is given in the individual locations.
There is no doubt that circus skills have been increasing in popularity for some time.
They are a great way for an individual to develop skills and bring out a creative side of their inner self that will promote self esteem, confidence and self development.
Circus skills are a great assert to any school, college or educational establishment. For teachers it is a great way to bring fun into learning and can be included in many parts of the curriculm.

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